These are the plush versions of Lady and the Tramp and Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamp's Adventure characters.

(Please note, plush were available at the time of writing. It is unknown if they are still available.)


Tramp plush JCpenney
Tramp at JCPenney

Tramp plush Disney store
Tramp at the Disney Store (shopDisney)

Tramp plush hallmark
Tramp and Lady and the Hallmark Store

Tramp plush-UK disney store
Medium Tramp at the UK Disney Store

Tramp plush-etsy
A Vintage Tramp on Etsy tramp&ref=sc_gallery-1-2&plkey=3e29cd30a3787b74ace31691ed260b2e7770217c:554978208

Tramp plush-pinterest
Another Vintage Tramp

Tramp plush minibazar.
A Tramp plush on mimibazar

Tramp plush walmart 2
A Tramp plush from Walmart


Lady plush disney store
Lady plush from the Disney Store (shopDisney)

Lady plush small disney store
Small Lady and Tramp plush from the Disney Store (shopDisney)

Lady plush walmart
Lady plush from Walmart

Lady plush UK disney store
Lady mini bean-bag from Disney Store UK.

Lady plush JCPenney
Lady plush from JCPenney

Lady mini-ebay
An itty bitty Lady plush on ebay

Lady plush ebay 2
A Vintage Lady plush on ebay


Peg plush alibaba
A Peg plush on alibaba

Peg tsum tsum
A Peg Tsum Tsum

Peg plush walmart
A Peg plush from Walmart


Trusty Amazon
A Trusty plush from Amazon UK

Trusty plush ebay
A Trusty bean-bag plush from ebay

Trusty tsum tsum
A Trusty tsum tsum on ebay

Trusty picclick
A Trusty plush on picclick


Angel plush ebay
An Angel plush on ebay

Angel plush worthpoint
An Angel plush on Worthpoint

Angel plush worthpoint.jpg2
Another Angel plush on Worthpoint