Template:Infobox Dachsie is a minor character and one of the dogs from the Dog Pound in Lady and the Tramp.


Dachsie is a small, slender dachshund. He has a reddish body and long ears for a dog of his size.


He likes to sing and howl with his friends. He hates the Dog Pound and wants badly to escape from there, just like his fellow dogs.

Lady and the Tramp

Daschie is first seen trying to finish making a hole large enough for the dogs to escape through. After saying his only quote, "Und Fifi...", the doors open and the dogcatcher comes for Lady to take her home. Dachsie quickly buries all the dirt and stands on top of the hole. His last appearance is when he starts digging again, and later he sings (howls) He's a Tramp with the other dogs. After Lady leaves the pound, Dachsie is not seen again in the rest of the film.


  • It is unknown what happened to him and his friends at the end of the movie.
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